Consistently Use Wastra Nusantara

Consistently Use Wastra Nusantara

Consistently Use Wastra Nusantara

Consistently Use Wastra Nusantara: Jenny Yohana Kansil through her label JYK won the prestigious “The Genius of Gianni Versace Award” at the event which took place at the Palazzo Visconti. Milan. Italy. at the end of last September.

Consistently Use Wastra Nusantara

JYK Wins ‘Genius of Gianni Versace Award’

One of his collections using the Lubuklinggau Durian Batik which was present for the Gianni Versace tribute got the attention. Of the judges and made designer Jenny Yohana Kansil win the prestigious. “The Genius of Gianni Versace Award”. This is a separate nick, the first time traditional batik won an international award.

“Tonight, The Genius of Gianni Versace Award goes to the designer who happened to be here tonight, JYK label by Jenny Yohana Kansil,” said Tariel Bisharian, chairman of Emerging Talents Milan, the event organizer. JYK exhibit  the Spring Summer 2023 “Egalitarian” collection in collaboration with Batik Durian Lubuklinggau. Which was initiat by Yetti Oktarina Prana. He of Dekranasda Lubuklinggau at Palazzo Visconti. Milan. This collection consists of 10 sporty-style outfits. And one of them is also includ in a tribute exhibition for Gianni Versace.

Tariel reveal that ‘The Genius of Gianni Versace Award’ organiz by Emerging Talents Milan. And Five Arts Films was given on the eve of the premiere of the documentary film “The Genius of Gianni Versace Alive” by Salvatore V. Zannino. Debuting in Milan, the film that reveals and celebrates the genius journey of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace is schedul to be releas in January 2023.

 Versace has become a fashion designer whose works have stolen the attention of the world’s public.

A number of celebrities, from rock and roll figures Elton John, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Madonna, to Naomi Campbell express themselves and their style through Versace’s signature designs. On the occasion of the screening of this film, nine designers of Emerging Talents Milan proposed one piece of clothing each from their designs to participate in the contest “The Genius of Gianni Versace Award.

The nine works of tribute to Gianni Versace will be exhibit on 24-26 September 2022 at the Palazzo Visconti under the title of the exhibition “Omaggio a Gianni”. Clothing that was submitt by the JYK label receiv  praise from the judges. Which included Russ Ev. Salvatore V. Zannino, Valeria Orlando, Giulia Brunello, Josip Grabovac, Marcello Costa, and Giuliana Bortolato. The judges made their choice bas on the creativity and characteristics of the genius of Gianni Versace. On this occasion there were two awards given. Namely for fashion design. another for accessories.

Lubuklinggau’s Durian Batik is the first batik to receive this international Versace award

Apart from JYK, other designers who participated in the Versace tribute event this time included Loom Weaving, Marlon Brandau, The Queen Space, Helena Kakhramanyan, Salvatore Caputo Shows, Just Black, Monier Atelier and Artuyt (winner of the accessory category).

Jenny Yohana Kansil who is also the founder of the fashion school Istituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia said “JYK label continues the history of Istituto di Moda Burgo where founder Fernando Burgo has a close relationship with Versace.”

Versace, he said, gave many inputs to the curriculum and teaching method in schools known as the Burgo method. Legacy Versace has always adher to and followed Istituto’s journey in Moda Burgo, and what’s more interesting is that Burgo Indonesia is reviving this history by carrying Indonesian heritage. Consistently Use Wastra Nusantara” he said.

SS 2023 Collection “Egalitarian”

This time JYK and Batik Durian Lubuklinggau appear different from the previous year  in this collection.  JYK marries digital processing with traditional batik heritage through redesign. JYK label collaborates with batik artisans in creating new batik motifs that appear more contemporary and are believ to be accept  by the international market.

This batik motif was built through images process from direct durian photos found. In a durian garden in Lubuklinggau. South Sumatra. The exploration of the durian flower which has its own beauty makes it a focus that may not be widely known by the public.

This year is also consider  the most fashionable decade of all time

This collection of 10 clothing consists of a wide design range from mini skirts to midi skirts. With A-line silhouettes. Modern crop tops. High waist silhouettes. Flar jeans to floral elegance with collection designs dominated by statement sleeves.