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Dear Laura;

 I received, and I so love my peasant girl dress.  It is so beautiful, and fits so perfectly.  I feel like such a princess wearing it.  This dress is so multi-purpose.  I have so much fun as a ballerina in it as I do as a little girl!. I feel I am in sissy heaven! I will have to send some pics, and I will buy from you again.

 love, hugs and kisses--


Dear LAURA ,I received my order a few days ago with a Sunday Formal dress,a Belle Formal and a Happy Daze.Frankly speaking your outfits are wonderful..I asked them to be fitted with my measurements,they fit perfectly ,the fabrics is great quality and I love to wear satin and laces and a bonus is the complement of accesories.I'm proud to wear your dresses and I know there are jealous around me specially when we go out for parties.In fact I have in my wardrobe a lot of dresses and sets for day and evening,even a lot of sissy dresses,french and charlotte maids outfits.I wanted to renew a part of my garments and I found what I wanted.Once more thousands of thanks to you and I'm very excited to be dressed by You.Kisses from a submissive sissy in France.Your Sissy B


I received my maid's uniform yesterday! Thanks once again for the fast service. I truly wasn't expecting it for a couple of more weeks!
I just finished my chores completely dressed in my new uniform. It felt great to be serving someone again, and this time in a uniform that fits perfectly! The velcro on the apron is a great idea and allows me to get into it easily and makes it fit just right. The whole outfit is just perfect!
Just one question. Are you able to make "bloomers" in a lacy or see-through material? The lady I am serving would like to be able to have my genitals covered, but visible if my skirt is lifted.  Please let me know.
Thanks again.

hi Laura

i just received my uniform!  I just wanted to tell you how much I love it!  it fits perfectly and it is sooo well made.  I am sure Mistress T will be pleased

thanks again

Greetings Laura,
                    I would like to THANK YOU for THE AWESOME MAID'S DRESS. Its so pretty and comfortable to wear. You certainly made my holiday season. Best wishes and thanks again. J.

Dear Staff at LD Fashions, 

I received my order of a mini and multi-layered sparkle organdy petticoats today in excellent condition. I really love them both. It was worth the wait.


Sorry, I forgot to tell you how pleased I was with the dresses.  When they came I had just returned home from my night job and had been asleep for about two hours when I heard the doorbell.  I was up and out of bed and dressed almost immediately to answer it.  I opened the box to inspect the contents and even though I was very tired I was so entranced that I spent over an hour trying them on, mixing and matching petticoats and the like.  Excellent dresses, I can't wait to show a lady friend of mine.

just received today my first order of the two sissy baby doll
nighties and hairbows I ordered.

Oh, they are so pretty I couldn't wait to try one on. The baby blue
one looks so pretty on me and those white hairbows look so lovely in
my dark brown bobbed wig. The sewing work is very excellent. The
hairbows are perfect.

I've never felt so prissy sissy in my life. You have made me one very
happy sissy girl.

I guess this follows the old adage, "The Best Things Come To Those Who Wait".

With this first order I will soon be sending my request for a
complete, "Alice In Wonderland", outfit previously noted in past

Thank you ever so much.

Sissy Melinda Anne

Recivied order today.  I am very pleased. It is just what I wanted.  Thank You Laura!!!!  ,  Crissy

Dear Laura:

The mail man just delivered your package and I could not wait to try it on. The maids dress fit perfectly and the pinafore is delicious. I feel so sissy with them on I only wish there were other girls around to enjoy it with.

Thank you for your service. Sincerely M

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know the dress fit wonderfully and it was a big hit as a Christmas present - your craftsmanship is wonderful too! Thanks again! :) I will be back for repeat business!


Hi Laura,

I finally got to try everything on and they look great. My Domme really likes them too.

Thanks for everything and have a good Thanksgiving,



Thanks so much for the gorgeous work you did for me.  I loved every piece, and the red little girl dress was exactly what I needed for my Strawberry Shortcake costume.  In fact, the costume worked out so well, that I took first prize in a costume contest at a local bar and won a trip to Mexico!  As soon as I have my pictures all put together I will send you one.  Thanks again!


Hello Laura,

                  Just received my order - the shipping was very fast and i am absolutely thrilled with my new dress, Laura. Thank you so much!!! It's really beautiful - such great work!!

                   Also, i have just sent you a new order and will take advantage of your offered discount below.

Your very happy customer,


Hello Laura,

 i have my dress,dainty maid.It is a dream,thank you.
Bye,bye until my next order.

 best regards
(Maid Jenny)

Dear LD Fashions

I just received my French Maid's Super Special today, and I applaud you for your fine workmanship.  I Absolutely love it, and I can't wait till Halloween arrives!  It fits perfectly, and I know I'll enjoy it every time I wear it.<BR>

I'll definitely be ordering some dresses from you next year!<BR>

Attached is my Picture :) You have my permission to display it on your web page.<BR>

Hugs and Kisses,


I just recieved my Just Yummy Dresses yesterday. I couldnt wait to try them on . Fantastic  perfect fit great colors I love the sparkle satin fabric. I cant describe how sissy looking the sparkle satin pinafore makes that dress look. Fantistic idea. I cant wait to order more!!!!! I love your products, the quality is outstanding.  I cant emagine any sissy being without one of these dresses in this sparkle fabric, its the best. Thank you again for having your service.

My order arrived last Friday.  I put the dresses on and they are BEAUTIFUL.  I hope to send some pictures soon, and I am really looking forward to placing my next order.

Got my dress on Sat. it is absolutely lovely. A bit tight but looks so cute on me. Your web pictures do not do the dress justice. It is more than I expected in looks and workmanship. Love wearing it. I have it on as I e-mail you. I hope to wear it for my boy friend tomorrow.                          Love

Everything got here ok, had a wonderful time last night....full transformation!  So neat to be a pretty girl for a change!  Thanks bunches.  TS

I recently purchased a baby doll out fit from you. You went out of your way to get it to me by June 30 so I could use it in a show last night. The show was a pageant in which I won Miss South Texas at Large. I used your out fit, a pink wig and a pair of pink fluffy slippers. People loved the out fit and I did tell them where I got it. Maybe you will get some business out of them.
Thank you for making the out fit look so good. The number I did was Mr. Sandman.
Again, Thank You


I got my package today and I must tell you that everything fit just perfectly. I am sooooooo excited. I hope i can find a Mistress to own me now so I may perform as her maid and clean her house and other duties as requested

I will be sure to tell all my gurl friends about your excellent uotfits and service.



Dear Laura,   I think  you did a wonderful job. The Sophisticated Sissy dress was just fabulous and the petticoat is to die for.  
 Thankyou, Sissymichelle

Dear Laura

My Marigold dress arrived yesterday (Tuesday 18th), together with the ensemble of petticoats, pantyhose, hairbows and gloves. I spent the evening listening to records whilst trying it all on. Thank you so much, itís all lovely. The dress fits perfectly, I love it. The white lace around the short sleeves is so cute.

It came as a wonderful surprise when unpacking the box when I realised that the petticoats were more spectacular than I had ever imagined. It is such a thrill to twirl in them. What with a significantly large number of other frills and fancies I have recently bought from other sources, I am quickly running out of space in the bedroom to store things in.

Thank you for the printed catalogue as well. On the subject of photographs, I will try and create a few of me in my Marigold to email to you, just as soon as I can get acquainted with some sort of digital camera. The room has just been decorated in a pretty floral pattern which will make a nice backdrop.

Thank you once again, and extra special thanks for the delightful pettislip.


Laura the package got here, thanks.
You know, I wondered about the original price of the tea length taffeta
petticoat, but now that I have it, WOW!
Definitely a luxury item!

This message was posted on the yahoo group "TotallysissyTVs"

     Several years ago, I bought a sissy maid uniform from LD Fashions--
dress with apron, sissipanties, petticoat, gloves, choker.  It was
EXPENSIVE.  I have worn the uniform on at least fifty occasions,
probably more, and it looks as good as the day I got it, and it looked
very good that day.  It fit beautifully, based on the measurements I
     Just to let the group know--I am totally satisfied with the
excellent quality and value of the purchase I made from this company. 
It wasn't cheap to buy, but its quality very much justifies its
     This is a totally unsolicited endorsement and made just because I
think that there are lots of Internet providers that rip us CDs off,
but LD isn't one of them, at least in my experience.





My lovely baby dress came today and I couldn't wait to try it on right
away! It fits perfect and it just wonderful. Thank you so, so much. It
makes me feel so cute and pretty.

Hugs and Kisses,



Oh, Laura, I feel like such a little princess.  Thanks so much.


Dear Laura,

Thank you for shipping the Little Belle dress in a timely manner.  The fit is absolutely perfect!  The whole dress is a work of art down to the last detail, and worth every penny.  I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing it, playing in it, and taking pictures!



Wow!  My order arrived today, much quicker than I anticipated.  The fit and quality are awsome!  My wife said that this must have been made for a man, cause women's clothing is not made as well or as soft.

I want to thank you for fullfilling my order so precisely and delivering more than promised.  I will be a return shopper!

 Thanks again,


Dear Laura,

Thank you for the wonderful, high quality dresses and other clothing I recently bought from you!  You are providing a much appreciated service to people like me.  I can't believe the fantastic fit, quality, and sensuousness of the dresses and other fantasy items I ordered!!

I am enclosing several pictures for your use only on your web site gallery. 

Thanks again from a loyal customer!

"Sissy Little Girl Patti

I want to thank you for rushing my new French Maid's uniform and package to me.  I received it two weeks ago and have worn it  for my mistress several times already.  It fits great and I know that it will be put to good use serving my lady and her friends.  I will visit your site often as my needs arise.  Thanks again.

I attended the annual NIGHT OF 1,000 GOWNS Saturday night -- a large Ball -- 800+ people at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in Times Square .... many, many in DRAG!!

I went in the Ultimate Princess dress and felt like a princess!!!  I had a wonderful, wonderful evening .. just wanted to let you know .... Also wanted to thank you for desigining and making this lovely confection!!!  I got many, many comments from people about being the best one at the ball!!!!  I said I was the youngest DRAG queen . . ..!!

I have included a picture below -- I will send some others as I get them .... Hope you approve.

Love & Hugs,
Sissy Steaphanie



I picked up the BIG box today at the PO ......

The outfit is perfect ... of course, I tried it on when I got home ... and the petti makes the skirt stand out almost straight!!!  It is absolutely PERFECT .. it fits perfectly and is a wonderful length ... thanks for all your hard work .. I will send you some pictures when I get some ...

I will be wearing it to the Night of 1,000 Gowns at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in Times Square, NYC for the Coronation of the Imperial Court ... a formal DRAG event which about 750+ people attend ..... I will be the prettiest (and possible the only) little girl there ... I am not going to wear it out until that night .... it is very special . . ..

Once again, thanks for a wonderful outfit . . . I KNOW that I will enjoy it (and so will others)

Love & Hugs,
Sissy Maid Stephanie


I'm writing to thank you both for the effort to get the dress out in time and for the wonderful quality and design of what you made.
I had the chance to show off for a number of folks and there was universal amazement with the appearance and quality of everything. It fit wonderfully and each piece seemed to go together just perfectly. You do wonderful work!
Incidently, we spent a day shopping in Los Angeles and had the chance to compare your dress with products offered in several stores, including D***m Dr*****r, which usually handles high quality products. No comparison in quality or completeness even though the price was not that far off.
Everyone who saw your dress insisted on knowing where it came from. I suspect, and hope, you will see an additional order or two - and I loved serving as your "billboard"!
Again, thank you and I hope you have enjoyable holidays.



I received the pinafore, and what can I say? Fabulous, simply fabulous. I
just love it. Thank you for your fine work


      Just wanted you to know that I received my order from you yesterday and tried it on today. I am absolutely thrilled to death with the quality, look and fit. If you ever need any more endorsements for your product, feel free to use mine. I would not hesitate to buy from you again or to recommend you to other prospective customers.
Thank you ever so much, you made my day!

Dear Laura,
I have been perusing your wonderful site for quite a few years now and it just gets better every time I pop in !! I must commend you on the job you are doing.
A few months back I purchased a short sleeve french maid special from your fabulous boutique and it was to die for! I had never worn anything so feminine frilly and frothy! The fluffy pettis felt divine on my stockinged legs, just visible under the lace lined maid dress. I couldn't resist the urge to show my matching pettipants in the first mirror I found. Ooooh, I was in heaven.
Since that time I have been waiting for the next opportunity to indulge my fantasies in another of your pretty frocks and after much fuss I decided to spoil myself a bit. You'll see what I mean when you get my order.
Anyway Laura, as I write this to you I am 'sitting pretty' not only in the fact that I am wearing my maid dress but also in the fact that I know that I can always count on your site to be an inspiration to the little girl in me.
 Hugs and kisses, Pamela  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Sorry, it took me so long to respond. the outfit is beautiful and fits very well on  me. My Girlfriend thinks it looks lovely on
me. Believe Im going to wear it in nyc for halloween. My girlfriend will make me wear it  out to dinner in a vanilla restraunt and then  go to one of the clubs for the evening. Really can not wait.

I do hope to buy another outfit soon.

(Sweet Brenda)

Hi everybody,

I ordered a full english maids outfit around three years ago from you and thought you might like to see how it has stood the test of time. I  clean house for my lovely wife twice a week in it and manage to put in a six hours shift each day which my wife very much appreciates. Please find enclosed a picture my wife took of me while at work. She caught me at an 'Off moment' re-doing my stocking as my wife had told me one of my seams wasn't straight..! She now enjoys the outfit coming out as much as I do as she makes sure she sits around and drinks lots of coffee with her feet up the day I clean for her. Alright for some.! The outfit is the long sleeve full english maids outfit. Please feel free to include this picture in your web site customers gallery
if you wish.

Love, Paula

Dear Laura,
 My dress arrived today. I love it. It is stunning, you did a fantastic job. It is ever so frilly and feminine. It is just beautiful. I just wanted to tell about my first time wearing it. I got fully made up and put on that lovely dress. I wore shimmering pink hose and a pair of simple white heels. A couple of sprays of perfume and was off to the mall for some shopping, well maybe not so much shopping as just showing off my new dress. I felt so feminine, I felt like the prettiest little pansy. I wish you could have heard all the compliments. I heard things like "you look exquisite" and "that dress is awsome" and "your dress is beautiful" and so many more. I think next time i will go have a drink in it. well i just want to thank you for the beautiful job you did.

Dear Laura,
I recieved the two new dresses you made for me.They are beautiful and just what I was looking for.They fit perfect and I just love them.In the future you might think about doing a line of woman's dresses and skirts as well as your little girl dresses.As soon as I learn to use the scanner I will send some pictures of other dresses I would like made.

I just opened my 2 Dresses, They fit perfect!!  They were made for me, you did
a great Job. i will be ordering again in the future, it was worth the wait.

Dear Laura, HI!! It's me, Bonnieanne, from New York!! I received my order today & I was EXTREMELY WELL PLEASED with it!!! Thank you so very, very much!!! Everything fits perfectly & it's utterly adorable!!! You've got my business & I hope to continue working with you in the future!!

Dear Laura,
          Approx 3 weeks ago  I received my order, English Maid mini special. I was worried it would not look good on me because of my size, but it looked GREAT!!! I cannot believe how great it fit from the few measurements I gave you.
        Well I did not reply until now because every time I sat down to send an E-mail, I tried to figure out how to make mine stand out over all the others you get. After all I had to let you know how completely thrilled and happy I am with the outfit. Surley I could come up with some amazing words to describe the fact that I love the outfit more than anyone else who has ever received one, but I couldn't find the words. Then it hit me, as much as I absolutely love the outfit, I'm sure everyone else who orders one is just as thrilled as I am when they receive thiers. So I guess it would be hard to express my feelings above everyone else's. So just know I am as satisfied as anyone could be and look forward to lots and lots of "cleaning duty"

laura;   i recieved this order last monday and your company did a beautiful job on this gown it fits perfectly and looks great it is amazing how you make these dresses without someone being there to fit for them as  this is the second dress i have ordered from you and they both fit great      keep up the beautiful work                               
d s      
 omaha ne
              p.s.  will order another dress at a later time

Hi Laura,
              Just wanted to tell you I received the dress OK.
And I wanted to tell you that this is the first time that I have ever purchased something specifically for me. This sissy fantasy thing is kind of an every other weekend to once month type of thing for me. I have tried on other cloth's in the past and when  I looked in the mirror just thought I looked stupid and goofy. I had decided that this stuff always seems to look great on this perfect body model or a mannequin and when I found a certain look I wanted I didn't look so good in it.
          While we were looking at your catalog we were thinking maybe you should use entirely male models and mannequins instead of some female ones, guys might get a better feel for what it would really look like on them.       I have a very nice open minded girl friend that really likes this part time sissy maid thing too. Well, She helped get me into the new petticoat and zipped me in the dress and after a few tugs here and there to get all the ruffles right she stood in silence and we both walked over to the mirror and we were "stunned" at how "fantastic" this dress fits and looks on me .....WOW :-)
  This is an "awesome" dress that makes you want to
wear it, and feel good while your wearing it. In the near future we would like to order one of your short sleeved English maid outfits. Ever need a real model ??? Maybe we can trade ??? LOL :-)
Thanks for everything, You guys do awesome work,

I have received the dress, thank you. It is very beautiful and I'm quite pleased. You do very good work.


Hello I received the dresses and I have to tell you it was worth the wait. They are great, they fit fine look awesome. You did a great job, thank you.


The package arrived today and everything is fantastic, better than I expected!
Thanks again for the great work, it was worth the wait!


I just wanted you to know that the maid's outfit I received from you was well worth the wait!!!  We absolutely love it!   The quality of all the pieces is exceptional.  I especially like the bow which is on the apron.  In all our previous maid's outfits the bow never stayed tied, and was always limp.  This bow is large and never comes untied!!  Also, I love the petticoat!  It is the perfect length for the dress and really makes the skirt of the dress boufant out!  Thanks so much, It is a great addition to our wardrobe of feminine attire.   He not only looks great in it, but I have the cleanest house in the neighborhood!  I will send pictures later.  Mistress S.

hi laura just recived my new wig and would like to say how lovley it is too it brings the true sissy out of me thank you very much for your speedy responce and for been there for sissy boys like me and hope to use your service again thanks think your great so for now i wish u well p. or susan thanks xxxx

Laura and all the other wonderful people there,
Thank you, thank you!
I have received my new red "Satin Princess" dress and it fits ever so wonderfully and makes me feel ever so sissy!  It fits well enough that I may not even need to corset.
My real life sister will be visiting in a couple weeks and we are planning a dress up photo shoot.  I hope to get her into my pink maids outfit while I wear this one.  That outfit is also a creation of yours.  As soon as I can I will send you a picture if she agrees to it.
Thank you again, I just love you all so much!
Tafrina Rae


I have been wanting to drop you a quick note, to inform you that my order arrived last week and it is absolutely "PERFECT"!!!! Hope to purchase additional items in the near future. Thanks so very much.

Loyal Customer

Hi Laura;
    I just received my absolutely beautiful Sparkle Belle dress with long selves. I absolutely adore this dress. I can't tell you how much I love it. I have several of your wonder pretty dresses, but this is my favorite so far. I think my next order will be the Lace Dream Dress, but I'm trying to decide on that or the Sunday's Best. Someday soon I hope, I would love to own everything you design. Now that I'm focusing on dressing more sissy, than just dressing in women's clothes, I could use your help in finding some pretty sissy shoes. Please let me know if you help with this desire to find some pretty sissy shoes.
   Thank you so much for your wonder designs. You have truly made my dream come true, of being the sissy I have always wanted to be. I just love being a sissy girl and dressing in sissy dresses, and petticoats, with diapers and several pairs of plastic baby panties.

Thank you again and again.
Janice from Cocoa Beach Florida.

PS Wearing my new pretty dress right now, with 2 petticoats, and diapers 4 pairs of plastic baby panties, and I look absolutely gorgeous.


Just a quick note to let you know my petticoats arrived today, thanks so much.

They are everything I expected and then some. Great job and thanks for being out there for those of us who like having fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously.  



Hi Laura,
I received my new pink party dress yesterday and just love it!  It fits perfectly and makes me feel like a little doll. 
 I can hardly wait to show it off at the Curtsey Club party.
Thanks a bunch.  Hugs and kisses.

Happy New Year Laura,
             I love the jumper, and I'll be wearing it sometime tomorrow, as I visit some friends. I saw it on your website also, you did a wonderful job as always. I'll send you a picture.


Hi Laura,
      My beautiful "French Maid" uniform arrived just before the holidays.  It is everything I had hoped for and more.  I especially love the feel of the panty ruffles between my legs and when I sit down, it's just Heavenly.  My wife has been wanting a maid for some time, and now thanks to you, I can make her wish, and mine, come true. Although she has seen me in panties, bras and stockings she has never seen me fully dressed.  I have told her that I am going to give her a special fashion show very soon.  Besides her new maid she will be meeting her new little sister wearing one of your Pink Polka Dot Sissy dresses, complete with the pettislip and bloomers, and then a Swiss Sissy Mini outfit. 
     Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true.


     PS: I am wearing my new "French Maids" uniform for the first time as I write this.

just wanted to write to say thank you for the wonderful products and services you provide to the transgendered community. my Mistress and i recently ordered your Shimmering Sugar sissy dress special and i can't begin to tell you how happy we were with it! In fact, your website photos understate how truly adorable it is. Everything, from the wonderfully huge petticoat to the precious sissy socks to the gorgeously ultrafeminine dress (which fit perfectly) to the delightfully sissyish hairbow was absolute perfection!!!!! my Mistress had never had a slave who'd ordered a custom sissy dress before and She's ecstatic with it: it allowed me to reach a level of feminization and sissification neither of us had dared dreamed possible. While privacy concerns prevent me from sharing any photos, please feel free to use this email as a testimonial. i look forward to ordering many more sissy dresses and accessories from LD Fashions in the years to come.

Sincerely, sissy m

Dear Laura,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me make a special dream come true. I have recently received my Polka Dot Sissy dress and Pettislip. This is my first little girl outfit and I'm absolutely in Heaven when I have it on. The fit is wonderful and I love the way it looks and feels. Thank you for the Dream!



P.S. I'm anxiously waiting for the arrival of my Swiss Sissy Mini.


I recieved my dress the other day and are very please with the workwomanship and the fit . Unlike other stuff i have ordered on line and from catalogs this dress is what a dress should be and made.

thanks again and i will use you as my place to buy all my baby and girl needs

d in fl

Dear Laura:

I have received the Lace Dream Special and tried it on yesterday. It is wonderful. I am going to wear it today to run my errands (grocery shopping, mall, car wash, etc.) and I can't wait to see what kind of reaction I get. I have a friend who is a photo journalism student and a great photographer. I'll have her take some pictures of me in this outfit and send one or more to you so you can decide if you want to post them in your customer section of your web site. Thank you for the delightful outfit.

Little Sissy M

Hello Laura,

I just don't know where to begin telling you how absolutely thrilled I am with my gowns.  I just received them today (Thursday, June 8th) and all items and accessories were included as we discussed and were ordered.  

As quickly as I was able to try them on I couldn't decide which gown I wanted to wear first. I was so captured by the gorgeous and lovely color of the "Little Belle" gown, it became the first choice.

I can't begin to describe the thrill of getting ready to slip into the gown. Of course I had to put on the long "Pantaloons" first and was just dizzy with delight at how lovely they are. The fit is perfect and they are so joyously feminine. Stepping into the gown was also a profound delight. I was so captured by being surrounded by all of the billowy lace and satin. The "Over Skirt" is a perfect length for the cloud of shimmering lace in the "Under Skirt." The whole gown just cascades to the floor in a never ending cloud of sheer delight. I really adore how the lace sparkles with the pink undertones in the lace. I was so enraptured by how the gown billows and swirls by itself. When I finally did pull up the huge cloud of lace and ruffles to step into my formal petticoat, I found it wonderfully gorgeous to realize just how much the petticoat enhanced what was already a lovely gown. It is such a thrill to fill out the billowing skirts of the gown with even more layers of lace. The petticoat does completely spread the gorgeous cascade of the satin and lace of the "Little Belle" gown. I really adore the massive fullness of the skirts and the huge swirl of the gown.  The sleeves are also very adorable. I really appreciate the lace trimmed cuffs and the length of the sleeves is perfect. The long sleeves do "billow" up and add to the massive cascade of satin and lace. The bodice fits my chest perfectly and is expertly designed.  Even with the full cloud of satin and lace, the design of the gown, with the fit of the bodice, still displays the fullness of my female form and my feminine curves. The darts are very well fitted completely show my feminine curves filling out the bodice. The cute little bows and the lace that trim the bodice are wonderful. It is a huge complement to the design of the gown to still see a curvy female form in such a lavish and frothy cloud of satin and lace and still have my figure enhanced by the delicate bows and lace trim. The length is also perfect. As my petticoat swells to fill out the skirts, the hem is just above the floor to reveal my heels as I swish and swirl in the gown.

I was so mesmerized by the pure and profound extravagance of this so ultra feminine outfit, I found it difficult to take the time to try on the "Shimmering Sugar" gown.

Now I must admit, I was a bit worried about how the long sleeves might look on the "Sugar" gown. After wearing the gown with short sleeves and really adoring how those short sleeves puffed and billowed at the shoulders, I was hoping the long sleeves would do the same.

Well, joy of joys. They do. The long sleeves were so expertly replaced at the shoulders and they still fully billow up at the shoulders in a burst of sheer and shimmering delight. The sleeve length on the "Sugar" gown is also perfect and I really appreciate the added rows of shimmering lace trim in the billowing and puffy sleeves as they cascade down my arms. Not only is the sleeve length "perfect," the elasticized cuffs are expertly made and perfectly comfortable to get my hands in and out of as well as to wear.

The accessory "Sash Bows" and matching "Hair Bows" are also perfect. Again, you have a design for both gowns that not only match, but continue to compliment the delicate and overtly feminine image of both gowns. With all of the bows and ruffles in place, each piece and part of these lovely gowns is just a pure and glowing expression of being feminine. Of course the flowing petticoat is a lovely treat and is so enhanced by the purely delicate intimacy of the cascading rows of ruffles on either the knee length "Knickers" or the ankle length "Pantaloons." What a joyous delight to fully express the image of these gowns with the intimate inclusion of these fluffy and ruffled intimate garments. Every part of these so wondrously lovely gowns is just so much a pure and perfect expression of femininity. It is so delightful to feel the rustling lace of these delicate undergarments as the billowing petticoat and skirts of the gowns swirls all around me. What a joyous and delicate delight.

Oh Laura, I could go on and on telling you just how glorious and astoundingly beautiful these gowns are. In all my time as a woman, I have never felt such a profound delight at wearing not just one, but two, so overtly feminine gowns. They are both such a pure and perfect expression of presenting the most flowing and profoundly feminine image I could have ever hoped to have. The design, colors, and massive clouds of delicate lace and shimmering iridescence of both gowns has to be the perfect expression of a woman who wants to appear to be as purely feminine as she can possibly be.

Now I simply must find a way to fully and perfectly dress myself with all of the compliments of having my hair and makeup perfectly done to model these lovely gowns for a photographer. I'm not quite sure how I may accomplish this yet but I do so much want to capture the pure and exquisite image of these gowns in pictures as I wear them.  Of course, just as soon as I am able to do this, I will send you those photographs.

I am giddy with the desire to show off these gowns as I wear them. Again, not only are the colors and design of these gowns so perfect, the construction is also wondrously done. You have done such an expert job at taking my measurements and transforming them into perfectly fitting and intensely joyous creations that are so comfortable and fun to wear. I can't imagine the amount of work it must take to put so many billowing layers of lace and satin and taffeta into such lovely dresses but you have done it extremely well.

I am most satisfied as well as impressed with my gowns. It was always a pleasure to work with you as you so attentively and expertly fulfilled my expectations of what I wanted. I dearly appreciate all the time you took to fill my order for these custom gowns. I would lavishly praise you and your service and organization to anyone.

If anyone should wonder to you about your "Satisfied Customers," give me their Email address and I would be so happy to tell them just how wonderful your designs and work is. I am so very very happy.

Thank you Laura for helping me realize what has to be one of the most profound joys I have ever experienced in being a lady. These outfits are such a pure and perfect expression of all the joy and desire to be perfectly feminine and so lavishly beautiful.

Thanks again so much for everything Laura. Now all I have to do is save up some money and decide which of your lovely outfits I may wish to purchase next.

Most Sincerely,



Just to confirm that I have received my order from you, (I received it last week) I am delighted with the "English Maids Special"

The fit is perfect, the quality, design, and workmanship are all excellent, the end result is exactly what I wanted,

Thank you again...

I will certainly order from you again, and recommend you to others...

Best Regards from M in the UK..

Hi Recived the English Maid dress today. And i must say the outfit is very nice, and i am very satisfied with your service.

Best regards


thank you so much the dress is great I look forward to my next order, i

cant thank you but i can tell everyone to order from nice people like

you so happy with the dress rhonda r

Hi Laura,

My order arrived yesterday, and everything is very nice. Thank you for your great service!!

Thanks again, M

PS My wife works for the post office and was happy you used priority mail.


It never ceases to amaze me how great these "frocks" are to wear. Received the Belle several weeks ago and just love it. Was one of the dresses I didn't really like at first, and thought I would never order, but once I wore it I was hooked. It's a dream...... Just lucious. I can almost be the little girl I always wanted to be.

Now, if only I could meet someone close by, who orders from you and enjoys the "thrills of the frills"... I'd love to have a friend to "dress-up" with.

Keep up the great work



well my order is here! all i can say is OH MY GOD it is amazing its better than i ever thought. you did an awsome job and i thank you im sure i will be ordering more from you in the future.

again thank you and happy new year

j m

I am writing to tell you that I received my pink satin english maids uniform today. I was so excited to see it. It is more beautiful than I ever imagined. I could hardly wait to put it on. It fits perfectly too! My wife was very impressed with it as well. She has already put me to work as her sissified maid. Thank you so much for the great quality product. I know it will serve me well in my role as a sissy maid.



Oh.... my dresses arrived today safe and sound.... OH MY MY..... they are SO darling!!!!! i can not tell you how pleased i am. They fit wonderful.... and are so well made. i have told many others of your products here, and given your site link to many... now after seeing, and wearing them... well you all are the BEST! i will be a chearleader for your products to all i chat with (giggle) Thank you so very much.... and i am sure as money permits i will fill my "closet" with other creations of yours.

thanks again for the womderful products!

I recieved my Sunday best, it's better than I thought. You really did a nice job, and it fits very well. I can't wait to order something else, I just can't decide what just yet. Thanks for such a nice dress.


I received a phone call while on vacation to say my order had arrived. I drove home to collect it and it was well worth the journey, it all looks wonderful. I'm travelling straight back, my special vacation will be complete with this delightful outfit.

Thanks again,


I recieved my Maids Uniform today and it is Fabulous! I canot believe the workmanship and the details. I love it! The dress is fantastic, the apron superb, and the petticoat simply lovely. Thank for for a great job! I will be ordering again.

I received my order in perfect condition. I'm extremely happy with your customer service. I'll spread the word.


Hello Laura

I am emailing you to let you know that our package containing the Baby Romper and other items arrived safely, apart from being ransacked by Customs! I would like to let you know that I am very impressed with the quality of the garments and would not hesitate to order from you again or highlyrecommend others to order from you. Funnily enough, I have some friends in the United States who are about to order the Baby Romper as well so I know they will be pleased when they receive theirs!

The Romper fitted my husband perfectly and naturally he spent the evening it arrived romping!

We have it and we are very happy! It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to ordering 'The Sunday Best' soon!

Kind regards


PS Do you make these wonderful garments yourself?

Dear LDF,

I recently received the French Maid special long sleeved costume that I ordered. It was all that I hoped for, Thank you! Now one question, what is the best way to store it? Can it be hung on a hanger or should it be laid flat is some type of storage box?

Sincerely, B J


I got the new French Maid Dress TODAY!!! The PO finally "handed it over"!!

Of course, as soon as I got home from work, I tried it on -- it's really great -- very  comfortable and **EXACTLY** what I wanted. Of course, I'm wearing it right now  and will for the rest of evening. The skirt is nice a short and creates a sexy, naughty look      

-- Thanks!!

OH - please check out th following website: http://www.mlalique.com/ Look at the Sissy Weekend pictures - you will find me in the Lipstick red uniform - even out  shopping! -- also the black English Maid . Hope you enjoy.

 Love & Hugs,

Your girlfriend Steph

PS: I will send you a picture as soon as I get some!!

How exciting Thursday afternoon was! Your beautiful Pink Peasant dress arrived. What an exquisite garment. I couldn't wait to put it on, but first a strawberry scented bubble bath was in order. The pretty dress fit like a glove and I just love the delicate lace trim, so feminine. The skirt was delightfully shorter than I imagined and in perfect proportion. I am soooo...glad I also ordered the pinafore along with it. It is gorgeous! I love the perky ruffles on the bottom. The sweet little bow in the back is a wonderful touch. One could wear the pinafore all by itself.

I will be taking photos of myself in the dress sometime in the near future I'll send them along to you. In May I will be attending a party of little girls and plan on wearing the beautiful creation on our dress up Saturday Night Dance Party.

Once again thanks for lighting up my life with the beautiful dress you made just for me.



I've recreated my site from Geo to Tripod and have added you as a link. I've also added your pictures. You do an excellent job and your products are absolutely first rate (and I've had four different seamstress' to compare you to).


Hi Laura,

The dress is lovely and fits very well and the petticoat makes it stand out just as I wanted.

I love it and so does my Daddy!!!

Is it possible to buy accessories such as sashes, panties, bows etc separately, if so could you please let me know.

Well I will have to start saving for the next one, the problem is which one to choose!

Thanks again


Hello Laura

I had an unexpected opportunity today to try on the English Maid Uniform and the Sissy Dress to check for fit. I have to say that they more than meet my expectations, even my S.O. (gg) thought they were very "Pretty". The Maids uniform is fabulous and just how I wanted it, when I get myself organized in my hair, fishnets and heels, it will look fine. The Sissy dress is equally fine and the link you sent to look at Isobel's pictures on your customer page showed me another use for the pinafore, so I shall be able to mix 'n' match a little.

Once again, many thanks, I would be happy to endorse your products at any time.

Best Wishes


Dear Laura,

thanks the parcel has arrived. Great Job, you`ve done. Unfortunately I had to pay still more 30 $ for Taxes...Anyway, the outfit was it worth....Thanks for that...Be Sure, that I will order still another one....next time....

Until then....


Note this customer lives in Germany.

Dear Laura

I received my petticoat and caps today.

Thank you very much, they are beautiful!



Pink would be an excellent color with it pinned on.

No one has better customer service than you.



Hi Laura:

Just wanted to let you know i got my poodle skirt today,it fits me perfectly and it is so beautiful it was well worth the wait, thank you so much.


E :-)

Good news, the order was at the post office. It had been there since the 16th. They failed to notify me.

You did a nice job with the Maid's outfit. It fits well. I intend to place another order soon. Thanks for the good work !



I got the costume today. It's GORGEOUS. I can't wait for my transie group to see me in it. I plan to wear it out Halloween Night to the local Bitches' Ball at the Gas Light Lounge. I'll let  you know if I win the costume contest. :) I'll try to remember to send you a photo of me in it.

I think you encouraged that on the web page, no?





Honey - how exciting!!

I received the Lipstick red uniform yesterday & I am absolutely **delighted** and wetting my panties!! Thanks for making the skirt shorter as I requested - it is exactly the "look" I was wanting  -- a real "tart lush"!! I know that I will enjoy wearing it for parties, etc. Also thanks for  the apron - I didn't know that I would get one with the dress!!

I will send you some pictures of the Lipstick red dress as soon as I get some

Love, Hugs and many sissy kisses,

Your girlfriend and sissy maid - S W.

Laura, your clothes are wonderful! (and the person modeling the Satin Little Girl Dress is an absolute delight! I am hetero but might be willing to compromise my principals for a night with that sweetie! LOL.)

I have forwarded your address to my Mistress and feel pretty confident she will agree with me that I need to buy something from your line of superb clothes. The only problem is going to be selecting from among so many pretties. (I'd need to take out a second mortgage to buy all the things from you I'd like to.)

When Mistress dresses me, I look pretty good, and we will be sure to tell everyone who sees me where I got the sweet little frock from. Congratulations again on your wonderful line and extremely erotic page--I was fully excited, if you know what I mean, from the first glance.

Sissy aka K

Dear Ms Laura:

I received my sissy school uniform today. It is absolutely fabulous. Thank You so very much. i appreciate Your hard work in making such a beautiful garment.


sissy r

Dear Ms Laura:

i just love the uniform. i have been wearing it while performing my sissy assignments.


sissy r


Thank you so much for the beautiful Baby Dress. I just adore it and wanted to thank you again. I'll send a photo once it's developed.



Hi Laura!

I received shipment today just as you promised!! :-)

Looks "fun"!!!

I'll let you know soon,


Thanks Laura! it arrived yesterday and is wonderful.

Thank you again.


Dear Laura,

Received my petticoat today. It's just great.

Thank you very much.


Mistress and i received your wonderful creation last week. We are thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship that went into it. Attached are some photos of me cleaning and posing in Mistress's dungeon. Hope you like them.

Dear Laura,

The corset came today, and it's great! Especially considering that you did it without an in person fitting. I was wondering how a corset that large would work out, but it's been great so far!

 Take care,


You have made my day! Actually, my year. Can't get enough of this dress/pinafore. Always looked for a dress to fit, and now I've got a pretty little girl dress that fits. Unreal! My wife says I'm going to have to build another closet in my house, cause she knows I'm going to buy more. Good JOB! The Polka Dot Sissy Dress is next. Do I have to resend my measurements, or can you use the ones I sent before? Keep up the good work. I LOVE IT!




Hon, thanks for your e-mail note about my order. I got it today. It's all perfect!! The new apron is exactly what I need to replace an older one. AND the skirt - I'm wearing it now - it  really makes a person feel sexy!! I love it -- it fits perfectly.

Also, thanks for putting me in your customer pictures on your website!! I have shared the URL with some dear friends.

Dear Laura,

Just a quick note to say thank you! I got the order Monday night, but was down with a bit of a cold, so I didn't get a chance to try it on at that time. I did Tuesday though, and it's a complete delight! Everything fits well, and the look and feel of everything is very nice soft little girl!

I can't wait to see the corset you are doing for me now!

Take care, and thank again,